Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sri Parameswari Ambal Sameda Parama Sundharar Temple

Invitation to Devotees

Dear Devotees,

In the universe, innumerable creations live and take shelter under the power of Almighty. But, very few of them have a divine sense of praying and worshiping the Lord - whatever may be its present birth or form of existence.Such wonders do happen very near and before our very eyes - as it is happening at Thirupuththagai, nowadays called Vazhkkai Puthakallur, a tiny village near Nannilam in Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu.On every pradhosham day (thirteenth day of Lunar cycle), a Snake reaches the Sri (Moola) Linga of Vazhkkai Puthakallur Siva temple (presently in a dilapidated state) and coils around on the top of the Lingam and remains for some time (or whole day on some occasions) and leaves the place after removing its old skin there.

Due to the effort of Villagers and well wishers, Balalayam was celebrated on Sunday, the 13th December, 2009. On 12th December, 2009, Saturday midnight, the Devine Serpent was sighted by the Gurukkal and devotees who were around there. That was an Ekadasi Day...In spite of a small crowd of humans around watching curiously, the Snake continued to hug the Linga, Sri Parama Sundharar, the whole day...When Villagers tried to take a photograph by engaging a Professional Photographer, the snaps taken did not capture the image of the snake!Devotees realised that there is some thing more than the event that is taking place and the Lord is asserting His presence in the spot where the Linga stands!
It remained whole of the day and left as usual. This time it was Ekadasi day and Pradhosham day. This may be due the overlapping this in human calendar, but the correct cycle of the moon - waxing and waning - is too intuitive to perceive and the Divine Snake has seemly followed this cycle.This place is Thiruputhagai temple, as mentioned in the inscriptions found scattered /damaged in the walls of the remnant of the temple structure. The Dakshinamurthy
Idol has an inscribed name as "Parama Sundharar". It is seen from the inscriptions so far available and studied that Paranthaka Chola-I, made many Nivandhams for maintenance of the temple. The Chola King had also taken up extensive "thiruppani" for the Temple. The period identified is around 917 A.D.

The Temple is located in the midst of paddy field and no proper road or way to approach. The Temple is on the bank of a small tank. People believe that the Deity is so powerful and fulfil the wishes of the devotees. If the people go with belief and lit the lamp for 4 weeks definitely their wishes will get fulfilled.There seems to be innumerable possibilities to think that this must have been a thriving town in the Ninth Century. This temple is also mentioned as one of the Ten sthalas of Siva on the banks of Kaveri known as Paththavathu Paambur meaning that the temple is one among the Ten temples like Thirupampuram, Thiru Paambani etc.
Efforts are on to reconstruct, the very few remains into a properly designed temple structure and to install Swami Parama Sundharar and Parameswari with Sri Dakshinamurthy found in the precincts.We earnestly request all the fellow Devotees to contribute liberally towards this holy mission and receive the blessing of Sri Parameswari Ambal Sameda Parama Sundharar. The cheques may be drawn in favour of “Sri Parama Sundharar Kaingarya Sabha”

Balalayam Pictures are attached separately

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